Advisory Committee

The Bureau is pleased to announce the following individuals have been appointed to serve on the Advisory Committee, effective July 1, 2014 for the 2014-2016 term.

Industry Memebers

Tim B. Westphal
Alarm Industry
Sandra L. Hardin
Locksmith Industry
Aaron "Riley" Parker
Private Investigator Industry
Matthew J. Lujan
Private Patrol Operator/Security Guard Industries
Thomas M. Uretsky
Proprietary Private Security Industry
Marcelle L. Egley
Repossessor Industry
Simon M. Cruz
Firearm Training Facilities

Public Members

Lynn S. Mohrfeld
California Hotel & Lodging Association
Javier Gonzalez
California Restaurant Association
Mark T. Franke
California State Sheriff's Association
Nancy L. Murrish
Congress of California Seniors
James B. Gordon, Jr.
Consumer Federation of California

Member Vacancies

The Bureau's Advisory Committee has the following vacancies:

  • Industry Member - None
  • Public Member - None

*Advisory Committee Members are appointed by the Director of the Department of Consumer Affairs.

Member Manual

2016 Advisory Committee Meeting

Meeting Date Type of Meeting Meeting Location

April 7, 2016

Advisory Committee Meeting

        July 2, 2015 Draft Meeting Minutes
        The Use of BreEZe
        The Most Common Issues that can Affect or Delay Initial Licensure
        Law Enforcement Fact Sheet (Proposed Revisions)


2015 Advisory Committee Meeting

Meeting Date Type of Meeting Meeting Location

July 2, 2015

Advisory Committee Meeting

        February 5, 2015 Draft Meeting Minutes
        Final Draft Language Alarm Consumer Guide
        Final Draft Language Locksmith Consumer Guide
        Repossession Industry Brochure
        First Draft Language Law Enforcement Fact Sheet


February 5, 2015

Advisory Committee Meeting

        Draft Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes 8-28-14
        Conceptual Language for Training Methods
        Consumer Guide to ALARM CO BSIS suggested edits
        LOCKSMITH Consumer Tips BSIS suggested edits



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