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SAVE THE DATE August 1, 2008
Upcoming Law Enforcement and
Private Security Annual (LEAPS) Conference

"Learning together, Making a Difference" is the theme for the 9th Annual LEAPS Conference scheduled for August 1, 2008 in Los Angeles. I am excited this year that I and the BSIS's team will be actively participating in this year's event.

I am working with the LEAPS planning sub committee and have been asked to help keynote speak at the conference. The Bureau will also have an information booth with representatives to address any industry or Law Enforcement questions or issues. Additionally, the committee is assembling breakout sessions ranging from retail, theme parks and technology involving private security and Law Enforcement.

I believe this is going to be an exciting event for all the security industries here in California and a great opportunity to partner with Law Enforcement.

This Conference will be very informative and I seriously encourage you to consider attending.

For more information about the LEAPS Conference please contact LEAPS at (661) 287-6183 or dennis.hathaway@securitasinc.com .