Bureau of Security and Investigative Services

Right Column

Special Bulletin

ON NOVEMBER 19, 2002

To: Law Enforcement Agencies

Re: Elimination of the Temporary Security Guard Card, effective January 1, 2003

Governor Davis recently signed SB 1241 that eliminates the temporary Security Guard Registration Card on January 1. This bill will provide greater public protection by requiring security guards to undergo a criminal history background check prior to being allowed to work as a security guard.

Previously, private patrol operators were allowed to place individuals on assignment as a security guard prior to a law enforcement fingerprint check. The Bureau of Security and Investigative Services estimates that each year approximately 2,500 individuals were issued a temporary guard card and actually had a criminal conviction that would prohibit them from registration as a security guard. With the passage of this legislation, California consumers will be better protected.

In order to meet the demands for security services in your community, it is crucial that applicants for security guard positions receive expedited electronic fingerprinting services. We respectfully request that your department work with the private patrol operators and security guard applicants in your community to ensure their access to electronic fingerprinting services. Thank you for your attention to this matter.