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Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS) Outreach Program

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In August 2005, BSIS created the Information Outreach Program. This program is staffed by Rolando Taeza who is the Bureau’s Outreach Coordinator and has been an employee of BSIS for over 17 years. Through this program, Rolando visits a licensee or consumer and provides one-on-one education concerning statutory requirements and regulations.

The Bureau’s strategy is not just to educate or disseminate information but also use the Outreach Program as an engagement tool to clients and consumers regarding BSIS’s regulated industry. After all, the Bureau ’s motto is “Protecting California Consumers”.

Rolando also makes impromptu visits at hospitals, sports arenas, airports, fairs, festivals, banks, stores, hotels, restaurants, hospitality venues etc. to ensure that licensing requirements are met.

The Bureau also has expanded its outreach efforts to include law enforcement agencies and other governmental entities to inform them on the Bureau's Roles and responsibilities to its licensees and consumers. Rolando also distributes BSIS's Law Enforcement pocket brochure "Guide to License Types" to assist the peace officer or government representatives to enforce Bureau laws and regulations.

To date, Rolando has visited over 1,500 Licensees.