Bureau of Security and Investigative Services

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Law Enforcement Officer applying for Security Guard Registration & Firearm Permit

As an active duty or reserve peace officer, you enjoy the exemption of not having to take the required training on both the guard registration and the exposed firearm permit. In the areas on both forms that require the signature of the instructor write in BOLD Letters “Active Duty or Reserve Peace Officer and the name of your law enforcement entity”. Attach a front and back copy (on one piece of paper) of your Peace Officer I D to each application and a copy of your Live Scan form.

On the exposed firearm permit please also list the caliber(s) of the weapon(s) you have qualified for on your law enforcement range that you will be carrying as a security guard, as they will be on your firearm permit (this is on the second page of the application if you down loaded it from our web site). Please make two separate packages with the checks attached to the respective packet and staple separately. The mailing address is on the applications and both application packets can be placed in one envelope.

The reason for making two separate packages is the fact that they are processed by a Centralize Cashiering Unit who processes application for several different boards and bureaus under the Department of Consumer Affairs. After they are processed, the applications are then forwarded to our Bureau.

You do have to submit fingerprints and pay the related fingerprint processing fees. You must use the Live Scan fingerprint method unless you are in an area that does not have a Live Scan site or you are out of state. There are instructions, site location, and forms under Live Scan forms and Sites available on the Bureau’s web site at www.bsis.ca.gov.


Firearm permit fee (Initial)
Guard registration fee (Initial)

Fingerprint processing fee (paid at the Live Scan site)

Dept. of Justice (DOJ)
Firearm Eligibility (FEA) (DOJ)




Live Scan sites do charge a rolling fee that fee varies at the different sites.

You will never receive a renewal notice on the firearm permit (as four requalifications on the range are required). However, you will receive a renewal notice for your guard registration. If your expiration dates are the same use, the notification to renew the security guard registration to remind you to renew the firearm permit also.