Bureau of Security and Investigative Services

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Active Duty or Reserve Peace Officer’s Renewal of Firearm Permit

As an active duty peace officer, you can use your qualifications from your law enforcement range to qualify for your firearm permit with the BSIS.

You need to fill out the Firearm Application form (mark the renewal box) AND the Firearm Eligibility form ( Both forms are available On Line). Where the range master would fill in your scores on the back of the Application form or second page, write “ACTIVE DUTY PEACE OFFICER - and the name of your law enforcement entity”. List the caliber(s) of weapon that you carry while performing the duties of a security officer and that you have qualified for on your law enforcement range in the box on the back of the form. Then attach a front and back copy of your peace officer ID (please try to copy them on one piece of paper) and send it in with the renewal fee of $98 ($60 renewal fee - $38 ongoing background check performed by the Department of Justice (DOJ) every 12 months).

Please allow approximately 60 days for the processing of the renewal package. Do not let your firearm permit expire as there isn’t a grace period or delinquency period allowed for the firearm permit. If your firearm permit expires, you will have to apply for a new firearm permit.