Live Scan Information

The Bureau Promotes and Supports Live Scan Fingerprinting
The Bureau does not supply hard copies of Live Scan Forms

Live Scan is a system for the electronic submission of fingerprints and the subsequent automated background checks and responses.


Fingerprint Requirements: All applicants are required to submit two sets of fingerprints. All requests from this Bureau for criminal background checks of applicants must be submitted to the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) either by Live Scan or on a completed ten-print (hard card) applicant fingerprint card. Previously processed Live Scan submission(s), fingerprint cards, or photocopies of fingerprint impressions are not acceptable.

A license will not be issued until the Bureau receives and reviews the information from the DOJ and FBI.

The DOJ and fingerprint processing fees are established by the DOJ and FBI and are subject to change without notice. The processing fees must be paid at the Applicant Live Scan site at the time of your fingerprint submission.

The Applicant Live Scan process is currently only available within the state of California. If you reside outside of California, you need to use the "hard card" fingerprint method. Please be advised the DOJ/FBI processing time for hard card fingerprints is a minimum of 8-12 weeks, or longer.

If you require hard card fingerprint cards, please contact the Bureau, 800-952-5210, and request the fingerprint cards be mailed to you.

Complete the appropriate License Type Live Scan form identified in the chart below and take this document with you to the Live Scan Site for fingerprint submissions to the DOJ and FBI. Once your prints have been scanned, the Live Scan operator will complete the OCA Number and return the second and third copies to you with this information.

Your name, social security number and date of birth must be identical to that submitted on your application. All applicants must complete their personal identification information; all fields must be completed. To facilitate prompt and accurate processing, please TYPE or print legibly all requested information.

Please keep a copy of the Live Scan form for your records in case the Bureau requires information to follow-up on the response(s) from the DOJ/FBI to process your application.


Locate the license application type for which you are intending to apply in the left column of this chart and use the appropriate Live Scan Identifier form specified in the right column.

License Type Live Scan Identifier
Alarm Agent Employee (ACE) Alarm Agent
Alarm Agent Employee w/Firearm (ACE & FQ)
Alarm Company Qualified Manager w/Firearm (ACQ & FQ)
Alarm Agent w/Firearm
Alarm Company Operator (ACO)
Alarm Company Manager (ACQ)
Alarm Co Lic
Locksmith Company (LCO)
Locksmith Employee (LOC)
Private Investigator (PI)
Private Investigator w/Firearm (PI & FQ)
Private Investigator
Private Investigator w/Firearm
Private Patrol Operator (PPO)
Private Patrol Operator w/Firearm (PPO & FQ)
Private Patrol Opr/Per
Priv Patrl Opr/Per w/Fire
Proprietary Private Security Officer (PSO) Prop Sec Off 7583.9 BP
Security Guard (G)
Security Guard w/Firearm (G & FQ)
Security Guard
Security Guard w/Firearm
Repossession Agency (RA)
Repossession Agency Qualified Manager (RAQ)
Repossession Agency Employee (RAE)
Training Instructor - Firearm (TIF)
Training Facility - (TFF)
Training Instructor - Baton (TIB)
Training Facility - Baton (TFB)
Training Instructor Lic