Bureau of Security and Investigative Services

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Private Patrol Operators: Submission for Approval of Badge, Patch, and Cap Insignia

A private patrol licensee or officer, director, partner, manager, or employee of a private patrol licensee, may only use or wear a badge while engaged in guard or patrol work, and while wearing a distinctive uniform. A distinctive uniform must have patches on each shoulder of the uniform which read “private security” and must include the name of the private patrol operator company. A badge or cloth patch must also be present on the upper left breast of the uniform (Business and Professions (B&P) Code §7582.26(f)). When wearing a baton or exposed firearm, the private patrol operator licensee or officer, director, partner, manager of a private patrol operator licensee, or person required to be registered as a security guard must wear a patch on each uniform arm, which must be clearly visible at all times (B&P Code §7582.27(a)).

Any badge or cap insignia worn by a licensee, officer, director, partner, manager, or employee of a licensee must bear on its face a distinctive word indicating the Private Patrol Operator business name and an employee number by which the person may be identified by the Private Patrol Operator (B&P Code §7582.28(a)).

Upon successful completion of the Private Patrol Operator examination, the Bureau will inform the applicant in writing that s/he has passed the exam and request that s/he submit the $700.00 licensing fee. The applicant will also be notified of any outstanding information that must be submitted prior to the license issuance, including the approved business name, and information on how to submit badge, patch, or cap insignia design(s) for approval. Private Patrol Operator license applicants must have been issued a Private Patrol Operator license from the Bureau before receiving approval of proposed badge, patch, or cap insignia design(s).

To request approval of your badge, patch, or cap insignia design(s) you must submit an exact copy of the design(s) that will be worn. The copy must be a replica of the actual size and color of the badge, patch, or cap insignia. Submit the design(s) to P.O. Box 989002, West Sacramento, CA 95798-9002 (Attn: Erin Blevins).