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Private Patrol Operators and Security Guards

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For licensing questions regarding Security Guards e-mail sis@dca.ca.gov. Please note that the Bureau cannot provide responses via e-mail to questions regarding an existing license application.

For licensing questions regarding Private Patrol Operators e-mail PrivateSecurityServices@dca.ca.gov

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Firearm Requalification Training Requirement


Security Guards: Applying for a License

  • Apply On-Line for a Security Guard License – Security Guard licenses and renewals can be applied for on-line. Applications received on-line are given priority for processing.
  • How to Obtain a Security Guard License – This section provides information on how to apply for a Security Guard license in the State of California.
  • Live Scan – Live Scan is a system for the electronic submission of fingerprints and the subsequent automated background checks and responses.

Frequently Asked Questions: Security Guard

Private Patrol Operators: Applying for a License

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