Frequently Asked Questions - Alarm Company Operator

  1. What are the requirements for licensing an Alarm Company Operator?
  2. You may review the licensing requirements for an Alarm Company Operator (ACO) in the ACO Licensing Packet or on the ACO Fact Sheet. Both documents are located on the Bureau's website.

  3. How Long is an Alarm Company Operator's license valid?
  4. An alarm company operator's license is valid for two years.

  5. I was denied an Alarm Company Operator's license. When can I reapply?
  6. You may submit a new application one-year from the date of denial.

  7. I received a 1203.4 dismissal on my conviction. Do I still need to report the conviction on my application?
  8. Yes. You must report the conviction.

  9. I was only convicted of a misdemeanor. Can the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS) still deny my license?
  10. Yes. A conviction does not have to be a felony for the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services to deny licensure. The nature of the crime, whether it was related to the duties of an alarm company operator, the length of time elapsed since conviction, any evidence of rehabilitation, or mitigating circumstances are all considered when deciding whether or not to deny licensure.

  11. How does an alarm company operator renew his/her license?
  12. After two years, the license is scheduled for renewal. The licensee may receive a (courtesy) renewal application mailed to the last address of record. If you do not receive a renewal application, you should submit a renewal application (which can be found at:, including the fees for renewal (see fee schedule) and mail to: Bureau of Security and Investigative Services P.O. Box 989002 West Sacramento, CA. 95798-9002(This must be submitted before the expiration date.)

    Click here to view the BSIS fee schedule

  13. When does an alarm company operator's license become delinquent?
  14. Your license is considered delinquent the day after the expiration date. To renew your license once it is delinquent you must pay the renewal fee and the delinquent fee.

  15. How long after the expiration of my license am I able to renew my license?
  16. You may renew your license up to three years after it has expired. The license may be renewed upon payment of the renewal fee(s), the delinquent fee(s) and any fines assessed against the license. If you fail to renew your license after three years, you must submit a new application and begin the application process again.

  17. Can I verify receipt of my application for license for an alarm company operator?
  18. Yes, you must contact the Bureau at (800) 952-5210 or (916) 322-4000.

  19. How do I notify the Bureau of my change of address?
  20. You must notify the Bureau within 30 days of an address change. Submit a completed company address change form, signed and dated by mail or fax to the Bureau.

  21. If I lost my alarm company license or it was destroyed or damaged, how do I obtain a duplicate?
  22. You may request a duplicate license by submitting a written request explaining the circumstances. Please allow four to six weeks for receipt.

  23. The name/address was misspelled on my license. Is there a fee for a new one?
  24. No, an error on a license should be returned for correction to the Bureau without charge. A correction takes approximately three to four weeks. Please clarify the error in writing and return the license.

  25. Can an Alarm Company Operator use a post office box for an address?
  26. Yes, under certain circumstances. The Alarm Company Operator may list a post office box only if mail delivery to the business address is not possible, or if the place of business is located at the licensee's personal residence. This request must be explained in writing. Otherwise, the company must state address by street, number and city. In addition, no licensee shall conduct business from any location other than the location for which a license or branch office registration was issued.

  27. What forms are required to open a branch office? Is there a fee?
  28. Submit a completed Alarm Company Operator Branch Office Registration Application, signed and dated to be mailed to the Bureau for processing along with the application fee.

    Click here to view the BSIS fee schedule

  29. Is an out-of-state alarm company licensee or the licensee's qualified manager required to have a continuous presence in California?
  30. Yes. The California Alarm Company Act (BPC 7594.5) requires an alarm company to be operated under the active control and management in this state by an alarm company operator licensee, if he or she is the qualified manager for the license, or the licensee's qualified manager. In order to ensure compliance with the provisions of the Alarm Company Act, it is necessary for the licensee, if he or she is the qualified manager for the licensee, or the licensee's qualified manager to maintain a continuous presence in the business office in the State of California.