Frequently Asked Questions - Alarm Company Employee


  1. What are the requirements for obtaining an ACE Registration?
    • Be at least 18 years old
    • Have the required experience in the work for which the registration is sought
    • Undergo a criminal history review

  2. How long will it take to process the application after it's submitted?

    The Bureau’s current application processing time frames is available on our website and is updated weekly.

  3. How do I obtain an initial paper application?

    Effective July 1, 2022, in accordance with AB 830, the Bureau no longer accepts initial paper applications for an ACE registration. All applications must be submitted to the Bureau online. Apply online using BreEZe.

  4. How do I apply?

    Apply online using BreEZe . Once you apply submit your Live Scan fingerprinting.

  5. How long is an ACE registration valid?
  6. An ACE registration is valid for two years.

  7. I was denied an ACE registration. When can I reapply?

    Apply online one year from the date of denial.

  8. How does an ACE renew his/her registration?

    After two years, the registration is scheduled for renewal. Renew online using BreEZe.

  9. When does an ACE registration become delinquent?

    The ACE registration is delinquent the day after the expiration date. To renew your registration once it is delinquent you must pay the renewal fee and the delinquent fee.

  10. How long after the expiration of my registration am I able to renew?

    You may renew your ACE registration up to 60 days after the registration’s expiration date with payment of both the renewal and delinquent fee. If you fail to renew your registration after 60 days of expiration, you must submit a new application and begin the application process again to be licensed as an ACE.

  11. How do I notify the Bureau of my change of address?

    You must notify the Bureau within 30 days of an address change. Update your address change online using BreEZe, which updates your registration in real-time.

  12. If I lost my ACE registration or it was destroyed or damaged, how do I obtain a duplicate?

    If you have lost or destroyed your ACE registration card, submit a request for a replacement registration card online using BreEZe.

Revised August 2022