Frequently Asked Questions - Alarm Company Operator Qualified Manager (ACQ)

  1. What are the requirements for an Alarm Company Operator's qualified manager?
  2. The general requirements for alarm company operator are:

    • Be at least 18 years old
    • Must have at least two years of paid experience totaling not less than 4,000 hours in alarm company work or the equivalent
    • Undergo a criminal history review by the Department of Justice and the FBI
    • Pass a written examination.
  3. How long after I submit the application will it take to notify me of the examination date?
  4. The Bureau must receive the completed application and appropriate fees no later than 20 working days prior to the examination. However, receipt of your application does not guarantee you will be scheduled for the next examination. All applications are processed on a first-come first-served basis.

  5. Can a qualified manager work for two different alarm companies?
  6. Yes, However, the qualified manager is required to spend an average of 51 percent of the usual business hours in conducting business at each of the licensed alarm companies.

  7. Is each branch office required to have its own alarm company qualified manager (ACQ)?
  8. No. Each branch office must have a designated branch manager and that person must have an alarm company employee (ACE) license. The designated branch office manager shall spend an average of 51 percent of usual business hours in conducting business at the registered branch office.

  9. I have been employed for 15 years. I am applying for an Alarm Company Operator Qualified Manager Certificate. Who can I use for my declarant?
  10. A declarant must be licensed by BSIS and verify that the applicant has performed in a capacity that meets licensing requirements.

  11. My Alarm Company Operator Qualified Manager's certificate (ACQ) will expire at the end of the month. I have not received a renewal notice because my address has changed. May I send in a renewal fee with my address change even though I did not receive my renewal notice?
  12. Yes. However, you may be assessed a fine if you did not notify the bureau within 30 days of the change of residence or business address.

  13. If my Alarm Company Qualified Manager Certificate (ACQ) expired must I reapply for a new one?
  14. No. An expired certificate may be renewed within three years of the expiration date. However, you must pay a late fee along with the renewal fee. If the expiration date is more than three years, you must reapply for a new certificate.

  15. How long is the Alarm Company Qualified Manager certificate (ACQ) valid?
  16. An Alarm Company Qualified Manager's Certificate is valid for 2 years.