Frequently Asked Questions - Proprietary Private Security Employer (PSE)

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  1. Q: Who needs a PSE license?

    A: Any individual, partnership, corporation or limited liability company who employs one or more employees to provide security services for that employer and only for that employer.

  2. Q: How do I obtain an application and apply to register as a PSE?

    A: Applications are available on-line at Submit the PSE application to the Bureau along with the application fee.

  3. Click here to view the BSIS fee schedule

  4. Q: When do I have to comply with this law?

    A: This new law for PSE registration takes effect January 1, 2011.

  5. Q: What is the length of term for a PSE registration?

    A: A PSE registration is valid for two years from the date of issuance. The PSE is responsible for renewing their registration with the renewal fee prior to the expiration of the registration.

  6. Click here to view the BSIS fee schedule

  7. Q: As a PSE how do I get authorized to provide the initial 16-hour Proprietary Private Security Officer (PSO) training and 2-hour continuing education (CE)?

    A: A PSE may provide the 16-hour PSO training and the 2-hour CE. The requestor would submit a letter and resume to the Bureau's Chief/Deputy Chief for review. A Bureau representative would then conduct a phone interview to verify the validity of the request and gather any further information requested by the Chief/Deputy Chief. Upon approval an authorization letter and training material would then be mailed to the approved requestor.

  8. Q: Once authorized to provide PSO training; am I required to provide the PSO with a certificate upon completion of the training?

    A: Yes, a PSE who administers a course of training shall issue a certificate to a proprietary private security officer for the completion of training in security officer skills. Each proprietary private security officer is required to complete 16 hours of training within the first six months from either the date of employment with a proprietary private security employer or date of issuance of the PSO registration. A PSO is also required to complete 2 hours of continuing education annually.

  9. Q: How long does the authorization process for training approval take?

    A: Average processing time is approximately 10 - 14 days. However, more time may be required if more information is needed by the Bureau prior to the approval for administering PSO training.

  10. Q: What are the training requirements for a PSO?

    A: Please click on the following link to view the Skills Training Course for a PSO.