Renewal Applications

Common Issues that can Delay Renewal

1. Failing to submit your renewal application and payment to the Bureau at least 60 days before your current license’s expiration date. Security Guard, Locksmith Employee, Alarm Employee and Repossession Employee registrants are required, by law, to submit their renewal applications at least 60 days prior to expiration of the current registration. However, the Bureau is unable to process renewal applications received more than 90 days expiration.

NOTE: While not required by law, all other license types should submit their renewal applications to the Bureau at least 60 days, but not more than 90 days, before expiration to provide sufficient time for the Department of Consumer Affairs’ Cashiering Office and the Bureau to process the renewal application before expiration.

2. Make sure you are using the current version of the renewal application for your license type. An outdated form may be considered deficient and may require the Bureau to request the applicant to complete the renewal on the current application. Current renewal applications for every Bureau license type are available on the Bureau’s website.

3. Notify the Bureau timely of a change of address. Do not wait to update your address at the time of renewal. By law, a Bureau licensee (including registrants, permit holders and certificate holders) is required to notify the Bureau of a change in his/her address within 30 days. Providing the change of address on the renewal application will likely cause a delay in the renewal process. If you renew your registration/license/permit and update your address online at the same time, the licensing system may mail your renewal to your old address.

4. Upload or mail all required documentation. Make sure to read the online BreEZe renewal screens or the hard copy application to ensure all supporting documentation required at the time of renewal is submitted. A renewal application without the supporting documentation required for the renewal is deficient and will require the Bureau to request and obtain the missing information before the renewal can be processed.

5. Pay the correct renewal fee amount. Application renewals postmarked after the license expiration date are delinquent and subject to a delinquency renewal fee. A renewal application submitted with insufficient fees is delinquent and will require the Bureau to request and obtain the additional fee amount before the renewal can be processed.

6. Sign the renewal application form or automated renewal coupon. Renewal application forms and coupons received without the required attestation signature are treated as a deficient application, which will delay the process of your renewal.

Working with a Web Print Out

If the Bureau has processed the renewal application, current law authorizes the following license types to work with a hardcopy print out of the current license showing the new expiration date while waiting to receive the hard copy renewed license in the mail. A hardcopy print out may be obtained from the BreEZe License Search website.

  • Firearm Permit ONLY FOR Security Guard
  • Locksmith Company Employee
  • Repossession Agency Qualified Manager
  • Repossession Agency Employee
  • Proprietary Private Security Officer
  • Alarm Agent