Renewal Application Timelines

Deficient applications take longer to process due to the Bureau having to create and mail a letter to the applicant to request the missing information. Click here to view Common Renewal Licensing Delays.

The total processing time for a paper application, with no deficiencies, is approximately 8 weeks from the date the Bureau receives it from the Cashiering Unit. NOTE: The cashiering process can take up to 2 weeks to complete.
As of 02/11/2019, the Bureau is processing applications received by DCA Cashiering Office during the week noted below.

Application Type Date Cashiered
Security Guard (G) January 22, 2019
Alarm Co. Employee (ACE) January 22, 2019
Locksmith Co. Employee (LOC) January 22, 2019
Repo. Agency Employee (RAE) January 9, 2019
Proprietary Private Security Officer (PSO) January 22, 2019
Firearms Permit (FQ) December 28, 2018

If you have not heard from the Bureau within 6 weeks from submission of a BreEZe online application or 8 weeks from submission of a paper application, email the Bureau at

Working with a Web Print Out

Current law authorizes the following license types to work with a hard copy print out, from the BreEZe License Search website, of the current license showing the new expiration date along with a valid picture ID while waiting to receive a hard copy renewed license in the mail.

  • Security Guard
  • Firearm Permit ONLY FOR a Security Guard
  • Locksmith Company Employee
  • Repossession Agency Qualified Manager
  • Repossession Agency Employee
  • Proprietary Private Security Officer
  • Alarm Agent