Did You Know? - Training Facilities

A. Firearm Requalifications Reminder

It has come to our attention that Firearm Permit renewal applicants are not requalifying with all calibers at each mandatory requalification. This notice is to provide clarification about that issue.

An individual who possesses a Firearm Permit must requalify with all calibers listed on their permit each time they shoot. If all calibers are not included on each mandatory requalification, the individual risks losing the authorization to carry the additional calibers.

The Firearm Instructor is responsible for seeing that the application, prior to submission to the Bureau, is completed as required.

B. Baton Training Facility and Baton Instructors

When submitting the "Report of Baton Permits Issued" to the Bureau, the information on the form should be clearly printed or typewritten, and filled out completely. Incomplete or unreadable forms may be returned for completion or correction instead of filed.

C. Baton Training Facility and Baton Instructors

"Report of Baton Permits Issued" forms must be submitted to the Bureau no later than five working days following the issuance of a baton permit (Business and Professions Code, section 7585.14 (c)).