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Security Guard Registration


Requirements for Licensure

Security guards are employed by licensed Private Patrol Operators or private security employers to protect persons or property or prevent theft as defined in Business and Professions Code (BPC) Section 7582.1. To be eligible to apply for a security guard registration through the Bureau of Security and Investigative Service (BSIS or Bureau), you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old (BPC Section 7582.8)
  • Undergo a criminal history background check through the California Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) (BPC Sections 7581 and 7583.9) and
  • Complete the Power to Arrest training (see "Training Requirements" below)

Fees (Title 16, California Code of Regulations (CCR) Section 640)
Click here to view the Bureau's fees.

Criminal History Background Check/Live Scan
Applicants for a BSIS Security Guard Registration must undergo a criminal history background check through the FBI and DOJ. Applicants should use the Security Guard Request for Live Scan Service form, which is available for download on the Bureau's website. The Security Guard Request for Live Scan Form contains the correct coding needed to ensure the Bureau receives the information in a timely manner- failure to Live Scan with the correct form will delay the processing of your application. Applicants are responsible for paying all Live Scan, DOJ and FBI processing fees at the time of fingerprinting. To locate the nearest Live Scan site, visit

Training Requirements

  • The power to arrest training must be completed prior to the issuance of a Security Guard Registration (BPC Sections 7583.6 and 7583.8).
    NOTE: A security guard registrant who is unable to provide their employing licensee the certificate of satisfactory completion of the power to arrest training shall complete the training within six months of the registrant’s employment date.
  • The thirty-two (32) hours of training in security officer skills must be completed within the first six (6) months of registration.
    NOTE: A security guard registrant who is unable to provide their employing PPO the certificates of satisfactory completion of the security officer skills training shall complete 16 hours of the training within 30 days of the registrant’s employment date and shall complete the 16 remaining hours within six months of the registrant’s employment date.
  • Eight (8) hours of continuing training must be completed annually (BPC 7583.6 and California Code of Regulations (CCR) Section 643).
  • The training may be administered by a Private Patrol Operator, a Bureaucertified training facility, or by a Bureau-approved course provider.

All registered security guards are required to maintain their certificate of completion of the required training until the registration expires or has been canceled (BPC 7583.6). Employers are required to maintain records for the duration of the registrant’s employment.

Submitting an Initial Application for a Security Guard Registration

Online Application
Applicants may apply for security guard registration online via BreEZe. The Bureau recommends submitting your application online in BreEZe as it bypasses the Cashiering Office and can reduce application processing by up to two weeks. To create an account, pay the application fee via credit card, and submit your application online, visit

Paper Application
Applicants may also submit their completed Application for Security Guard Registration and application fee by mail to the Bureau. You can access the application at and view the application fee by visiting

Mail the completed application and fee to:
Bureau of Security and Investigative Services
P.O. Box 989002
West Sacramento, CA 95798-9002

*Out-of-state applicants that do not have access to a Live Scan site may submit fingerprint hard cards. For additional information, please visit the Bureau's website.

Application Processing

Please allow approximately 4-6 weeks for applications to be processed. Processing times may be longer depending on the time it takes for the Bureau to receive responses from the DOJ and FBI and make the necessary determinations required by law. To view the Bureau’s current initial application processing timelines, please visit:

Verification of Security Guard Registration
Once the Bureau has processed the application and issued the registration, the applicant’s security guard registration will be available to view on the “Verify a License” page at "Verify a License" page at:

Working with a Web Print-Out
A security guard must possess a valid and current security guard registration card on his or her person while on-duty (BPC Section 7583.3); however a person may work as a security guard pending receipt of their hard-copy security guard registration card if he or she has been approved by the Bureau and carries on his or her person a hardcopy printout of the Bureau's approval from the Bureau's website and valid picture identification (BPC Section 7583.17). Registrants should receive their registration card via US Mail within approximately 3 weeks from the time the Bureau issues the registration.

Additional BSIS License Types to be Used with a Security Guard Registration

Firearms Permit
For information on obtaining a BSIS exposed firearms permit, please review the Bureau's Firearms Permit Fact Sheet.

Tear Gas Permit
BPC Section 7583.35 requires all licensees or registrants wishing to carry tear gas while on duty to complete a training course pursuant to Penal Code Section 22835. Some Bureau-approved training facilities may provide tear gas training. For information on Bureau-approved training facilities, visit the Verify a License page. You should contact the facility to confirm whether it provides the training before showing up.

Baton Permit
BPC Section 7583.33 requires anyone who carries a baton while on duty to be a registered security guard and to complete a baton training course from a Bureau- approved Baton Training Facility. For information on Bureau-approved training facilities, visit the Verify a License page.

Renewing a Guard Registration

It is important that guard registrants keep a current and valid address on file with the Bureau at all times to help ensure they receive their renewal notices. The Bureau automatically mails a registrant his/her registration renewal form approximately 90 days before the registration is set to expire to their address of record. By law, a registrant must submit the completed renewal application or coupon at least 60 days prior to expiration to provide the Bureau sufficient time to process the renewal. If a guard does not receive the Bureau-issued renewal coupon, he/she can submit a completed Security Guard Registration Renewal Application along with the applicable renewal fee.
You may also renew a Security Guard registration online using BreEZe, which bypasses the Cashiering Office, can reduce application processing time by up to two weeks, and updates your registration in real-time. To create a BreEZe account, pay the renewal fee with a credit card, and submit your application online, visit BreEZe.

NOTE: Guard registrations not renewed within 60 days of expiration are canceled and cannot be renewed (BPC Section 7583.20). If you fail to submit your renewal application, regardless of whether or not the Bureau sends you a renewal application, including payment of all required fees, before the 60th day after your registration expires, your registration will be canceled and you will have to apply for a new guard registration. Submission of a renewal application after the registration expires, but before the 60 days has lapsed, requires the payment of a delinquency fee in addition to the renewal fee.

Additional information can be found on the Bureau's website.

Revised January 2022