Forms and Publications

The applications and licensing transactions listed below include a link for either submission online through BreEZe or submission of a hard-copy paper form (located by clicking the “Submit via Mail” link) via mail by downloading and completing the online application/form. *NOTE: Some BreEZe online applications and transactions require the hard copy form (located by clicking the “Submit via Mail” link) to be uploaded and submitted through BreEZe or the hard-copy form mailed to the Bureau. Also, some application forms, as noted below, are not available on the Bureau’s website or through BreEZe.

Miscellaneous Forms



Forms by License Type


Security Guards

Alarm Company License

Alarm Branch Office Certificate

Alarm Qualified Manager Certificate

Alarm Agent Registration

Firearms Permit

Locksmith Company License

Locksmith Branch Office Registration

Locksmith Employee Registration

Private Investigator Company License

Private Investigator Branch Office Certificate

Private Patrol Operator License

Private Patrol Operator Branch Office Certificate

Proprietary Private Security Employer

Proprietary Private Security Officer

Repossession Agencies

Repossession Agency Qualified Manager

Repossession Agency Employee

Training Facilities (Firearm and/or Baton)

Training Instructors (Firearm and/or Baton)