In an effort to simplify the BSIS Firearms Permit application process, the Bureau separated the Application for Firearms Permit, which was used for both initial issuance and renewal of a BSIS Firearms Permit, into two separate forms.  Specifically, the two new forms are:

  • Firearms Permit Initial Application
  • Firearms Permit Renewal Application
  • The new forms, which are dated June 2017, provide additional information on the respective application process and requirements, and are available on the Bureau's website

    Effective September 1, 2016, the Bureau will only accept firearm permit applications on the new forms.  Outdated forms may be deemed deficient and require the completion of a new application on the current form.  

    NOTE:  For individuals who have begun their requalification requirements prior to September 1, 2016, they may provide the requalification information on the prior application form.  However, any requalifications completed after September 1, 2016 and the submission of the renewal application after September 1, 2016 must be submitted on the new forms.

    Applicants and Firearms Permit Holders

    • Make sure the correct and current application form is being used.  The Firearms Permit Initial Application form is only for issuance of a new firearm permit, and the Firearms Permit Renewal Application is only for the renewal of a current, unexpired permit.  An incorrect or outdated form is deficient and will require the completion of a new application on the correct form.
    • Make sure the application is complete.
    • Initial Application:  All sections of the application form are complete with correct information and required signatures provided; the applicant has completed the fingerprint requirements for licensure (criminal history background check and eligibility to possess a firearms), and $80.00 payment submitted.
    • NOTE:  The Department of Justice (DOJ) recently changed their process for issuing criminal history responses when an applicant submits one set of fingerprints for both a BSIS license and firearms permit using a combination Live Scan form (e.g. Security Guard w/Firearm). This change may delay the Bureau’s processing of your license application.
      To help avoid delays in the processing of your license application (e.g., security guard registration, private investigator license, private patrol operator license, etc.), you may wish to consider submitting two sets of fingerprints using two separate Live Scan forms (e.g. Security Guard and Security Guard w/Firearm).  Please note, however, that submitting fingerprints through two Live Scan forms is more expensive than submitting fingerprints with one combination Live Scan form.

    • Renewal Application:  All sections of the application form are complete with correct information and required signatures provided; a complete and signed Department of Justice (DOJ) Firearms Qualification Application (FQA)is submitted with the renewal application, and $98.00 payment ($60 renewal and $38 FQA processing fee) submitted.  Pursuant to Business and Professions Code (BPC) section 7583.25, DOJ must verify the applicant’s continued eligibility to possess a firearm.
    • Submit the renewal application timely.  By law, applicants must submit their application at least 60 days prior to expiration of the current permit.  NOTE: The Bureau is unable to process renewal applications submitted more than 90 days prior to expiration.  (BPC 7542, 7583.32, & 7596.7)
    • Complete range renewal requalifications as required by regulation.  A firearms permit holder must complete two (2) requalifications during each 12-month period of the current permit’s two-year term with no two (2) requalifications completed closer than four (4) months apart.  As each range requalification is separate, the applicant may complete each requalification with a single Bureau certified firearm instructor and training facility or with multiple instructors and facilities.  Failing to adhere to the required schedule will result in the firearms permit being ineligible for renewal and the need to apply for a new initial firearms permit.  (Title 16, Div. 7, Section 633 CA Code of Regulations)
    • Firearms Permit cannot be renewed after expiration.  If a complete Firearms Permit Renewal Application and all required fees are not received by the expiration date, the individual must apply for a new initial firearms permit. (BPC 7542, 7583.32, & 7596.7)
    • Firearms Training Instructors

    • Draw a line through and initial unused boxes in the Applicant Training Information Table on the application form.  Lining out unused boxes prevents the addition of information after you have signed and released the form.
    • Do not revise or change information on the form.  If information needs to be revised, start a new form.  The Bureau has no way of knowing if the revision was made by you or someone else.
    • Complete all information in the Citizenship or Permanent Resident Verification section, including issuing city and state if document provided is a birth certificate or issuing country if the document provided is a passport.  Any other information entered, such as “On File” makes the application deficient.  (BPC 7583.32)

    Please email the Bureau at or call (800) 952-5210 with any questions regarding this notice.