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The Bureau has created a step-by-step guide detailing how to create a BreEZe Account and how to subscribe to license notifications. To access the guides, click on the links below:

  1. How to Create a BreEZe Account
  2. How to Subscribe to License Notifications

Help with BreEZe Technical Difficulties: If you are experiencing technical difficulties with the BreEZe Licensing and Enforcement System, you may contact the BreEZe Help Desk at (916) 557-1208 or BreEZe@dca.ca.gov

Be advised that the BreEZe Help Desk may only help with issues related to the following:

  • Link License to Accounts
  • Issue New Passwords
  • Update E-mail Address
  • Unlock Accounts
  • Deactivate Accounts

For all other questions, please visit the Contact Us page

Click on the links below for current application processing timeframes and tips:

Application Processing Timeframes

Common Initial Application Licensing Delays

Common Renewal Licensing Delays

Alert Alert:

new item2018 Sunset Review Report
(Posted November 30, 2018)

new itemNotice of Alarm DRC December 14, 2018
(Posted November 29, 2018)

new itemPrivate Investigator Fund Performance and Fee Report- September 7, 2018
(Posted November 26, 2018)

new itemNotice of Private Security DRC December 4, 2018
(Posted November 16, 2018)

new itemNotice of Private Investigator DRC December 3, 2018
(Posted November 16, 2018)

new itemNotice of Private Security DRC November 28, 2018
(Posted November 15, 2018)

new itemNew Applications to Request Replacement License
(Posted November 13, 2018)

new itemNotice of Collateral Recovery DRC November 6, 2018
(Posted October 19, 2018)

new itemNotice of Private Security DRC October 24-25, 2018
(Posted October 11, 2018)

new itemNotice of Advisory Committee Meeting - October 11, 2018
(Posted September 28, 2018)

new itemBSIS Firearms Permit Assessment Requirement for Security Guards
(Posted June 5, 2018)

new itemApril 12, 2018 Advisory Committee Meeting Agenda
(Posted April 2, 2018)

new itemCANCELLED: March 22, 2018 Advisory Committee Meeting
(Posted March 20, 2018)

new itemNew Licensing Fees Effective July 1, 2018
(Posted March 5, 2018)

new itemBSIS Advisory Committee Solicitation for a Vacant Position- Locksmith Industry
(Posted February 27, 2018)

new item2017 Legislative Update
(Posted January 3, 2018)

new itemFirearm Assessment: New Date of Implementation
(Posted January 3, 2018)

new itemNew Email Accounts for Private Patrol Operators December 27, 2017
(Posted December 27, 2017)

new itemBSIS Performance and Fee Report May 1, 2017
(Posted May 4, 2017)

new item2017-2021 Strategic Plan
(Posted April 14, 2017)

new itemSB 1196
(Posted October 11, 2016)

new itemApply to Become a Collateral Recovery Disciplinary Review Committee Member
(Posted July 25, 2016)

new itemApply to Become a Private Investigator Disciplinary Review Committee Member
(Posted July 25, 2016)

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