Scheduling - Examination - Reexamination


The Bureau of Security and Investigative Services has partnered with Psychological Services Industries to administer examinations on behalf of the Bureau. Applicants will be able to schedule an appointment for an examination Monday through Saturday and get pass/fail results prior to leaving the exam site.

The computerized examinations given through Psychological Services Industries will be for Alarm Company Operators, Private Investigators, Private Patrol Operators and Repossession Agencies. This new examination process will save the Bureau more than $50,000 a year.


Examinations are designed to determine proficiency of the applicant to engage in the business for which the license is required.

In order to be considered for examination, the Bureau must receive the completed application and appropriate fee(s).

After your application is approved, your name and address will be sent Psychological Services Industries. Psychological Services Industries will mail you a candidate handbook and study materials. Upon receipt of this information, you may call the phone number provided to you in the handbook and schedule the date, time and location of your examination.

Psychological Services Industries has no less than thirteen (13) locations in California and are open Monday through Saturday.

Examinees requiring special testing arrangements due to a physical or mental impairment must submit a request to the Bureau for such arrangements. This request must be in writing and include supporting documentation from a physician or other qualified professional.


If you do not pass the examination or if you did not take the examination after Psychological Services Industries scheduled you, you may apply to be tested at a later date. You must submit a written request or an Application for Reexamination (this form is attached to your results notice) and the appropriate fee. You will receive the candidate handbook and study materials from Psychological Services Industries. Once you receive this information you may schedule an appointment with Psychological Services Industries to take the exam.