Appropriate Use of BSIS Firearms Permit Application


The Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (Bureau or BSIS) would like to remind BSIS-certified Training Facilities and Instructors that the BSIS Firearms Permit application is only to be used for initial application or requalification for a BSIS Firearms Permit.

The Bureau has received several BSIS Firearms Permit applications and related fees from individuals who were actually applying for or renewing a Carry Concealed Weapons (CCW) permit. The Bureau does not issue CCW permits.

The BSIS Firearms Permit application must not be used to record the training and requalification information for individuals applying for or renewing a CCW permit. BSIS-certified training instructors using the BSIS application for this purpose confuses individuals on where to submit the application. Applications incorrectly submitted to BSIS create unnecessary work for Bureau staff and delays for the individual applying for a CCW.