Private Investigator Reciprocity

Reciprocity agreements allow a Private Investigator (PI) licensed in one state to continue an investigation in another state without obtaining a PI license in that state IF they meet certain requirements. Prior to conducting an investigation in another state, you should contact the respective licensing agency.

The Bureau of Security and Investigative Services has entered into limited reciprocity agreements with the following states: Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, North Carolina, and Oregon. If you are a licensed Private Investigator from one of these states and are seeking to continue an investigation in the state of California that originated in your home state, you must complete and submit the Out-of-State Private Investigator Notification Form. Please note, you are not authorized to conduct private investigation business in the state of California until you gain approval from the Bureau. Failure to gain approval from the Bureau prior to conducting private investigation business in California may result in disciplinary action taken against your license in your home state.

For the details of each agreement, please click on the reciprocity agreement for the corresponding state. You may also click on a state's licensing agency to visit their website.

State Licensing Agency Reciprocity Agreement
Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services FL Limited Reciprocity Agreement
Georgia Georgia Board of Private Detectives & Security Agencies GA Limited Reciprocity Agreement
Louisiana Louisiana State Board of Private Investigator Examiners LA Limited Reciprocity Agreement
North Carolina Private Protective Services Board NC Limited Reciprocity Agreement
Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training OR Limited Reciprocity Agreement