Initial Applications

Common Issues that can Delay Licensure

1. The application submitted is outdated (i.e. did not use the current version on the Bureau’s website).

2. The application is incomplete (i.e. required information is missing or the application is not signed).

3. The name on the application form does not match the name entered by the Live Scan Operator. For example using “Don” and “Donald” or hyphenated and unhyphenated names. TIP: Use the same name on your application that is on your Driver’s License.

4. The personal identifier information (social security number, individual tax identification number, or date of birth) listed on the application does not match the personal identifier information entered by the Live Scan Operator.

5. The live scan form used does not match the application type (i.e. using a “proprietary private security officer” live scan form instead of a “security guard” live scan form when applying for a security guard registration).

6. The fee amount paid is incorrect.

7. DOJ and/or FBI rejecting the fingerprint impressions due to poor quality. Fingerprint rejections require the applicant to resubmit fingerprints.

8. Delays in DOJ and FBI fingerprint responses. The Bureau has no control over the time it takes for the DOJ and FBI to provide their responses to the Bureau.

9. Criminal history information received on an applicant from DOJ and/or FBI requires Bureau staff to review it in its totality to determine the applicant’s fitness for licensure.

Working with a Web Print Out

Current law authorizes the following license types to work with a hardcopy print out of the approved license from the BreEZe License Search website along with a valid picture ID while waiting to receive a hardcopy license in the mail.

  • Security Guard
  • Firearm Permit ONLY FOR a security guard, Private Patrol Operator (PPO), or a Qualified Manager of a PPO
  • Repossession Agency Qualified Manager
  • Repossession Agency Employee
  • Proprietary Private Security Officer